P A C T  M E E T I N G 

(Police and Communities together)

Tuesday January 21st 2014


David Hayes

in the chair Chilham

Doffy Milner

Secretary Chilham
  Peter Wead   Chilham
  Yve White   OWL
  Trevor Vallis   Chilham
  Peter Willows Community Support Officer

Road Signage and Speeding

As yet the PCSO Lisa Endell had not authorised a site in OWL for the speed monitoring. Once this had been done, it was hoped that monitoring could commence. Mountain Street was on hold until OWL had been monitored.

ACTION: Yve to give Lisa a clear idea of the identified site.


KCC speed monitoring in Mountain Street.

Monitoring outside no 11 had produced a low average of 21-23mph. It was noted that the bikers were not in evidence during the monitoring and that the monitoring equipment was not in the best place for catching high speeds. The Action Group had responded to Andrew Wickham with the view that it would be desirable for the whole of Mt. street to be 20mph (large single sign at the entrance only)and reducing the unsightly 30mph repeated signs all the way up the Street would be visually enhancing. The entrance and 2nd bend were hazardous, cars were approaching Monkton Manor bend at speeds well in excess of 20 mph and vehicles coming down from the car park approach the row of houses at speed.

Egerton Lane had only one 10 mph speed limit sign for the whole of the lane.

Branch Road. The Chair had written to the PC, Mr. Marriot ABCcouncillor and Roy Lincoln with the results of PACT speeding surveys. As a result, KCC is currently monitoring Branch Road. (although the number of cars per hour is not being captured). There is little doubt that the problem of speeding cars and using the road as a rat run will get worse once the housing development at Bagham is completed.

Free parking at the station and any development there is still an ongoing discussion between Doug Marriott and ABC.

Dog Fouling.

There has been some improvement in the Churchyard, but not in the Recreation Ground.More dogs have been noticed being exercised in the Square and in Mountain Street.

Replacement bin Mountain Street car park.

Since the last meeting, the Secretary has made two attempts to get a reply to this request. from ABC.

ACTION: The Secretary now to ask the PC to back this request.


Report from the Community Support Officer

Peter had spoken to the Headmaster about the need for parents to park safely when delivering and collecting their children.

There has been a burglary – mostly jewellery- in a house in Lower Lees Road.

Public houses have been warned about the latest spate of burglaries in the Ashford area – 4 pubs have been targeted.


Amenity Light

The PC clerk has replied to PACT’s request for the amenity light in the High Street to be replaced. The PC has asked ABC to replace this light as they installed it in the first place.

The group were reminded of ABC’s plan ‘to have safe and sensible street lighting’ This being translated as ‘a trial switch off of lights in the Ashford area’. The group were concerned to ensure that roads between Chilham and the station should not be included in this switch off. It was noted that ABC has to advertise any impending switch off.

Early collection of rubbish

Some residents of the Square and Branch Road were concerned about the early commercial collection of rubbish - before 7am. All commercial rubbish should be collected after that time because of the noise nuisance.

ACTION: The secretary to notify the Environmental unit in Ashford

Next meeting: Tuesday March 25th 7pm in Chilham Parish Church

After the meeting , information came in about the increase in dog fouling in Long Hill OWL from the Village Hall to Cork Farm and on the footpath behind the Cherry Orchard. The pavement of Selling Road from Shrimpton Close to Green Lane is also badly affected. Peter Willows has been informed.